Our First Book....

An instant. That’s all it took for Kate Harrington’s perfect world to fall apart. However, picking up the pieces took much longer.  Without her sense of humor, and unwavering support from an eclectic group of devoted friends, Kate’s fierce need to come to terms with her husband’s affair may never have been accomplished.  

​In STONED, when Kate escapes to a small mountain town, killing a defenseless animal and crossing paths with a handsome stranger were definitely not on her ‘to-do’ list. But both were destined to change her life forever.

​This heartfelt, sexy little story will make you laugh, cry and leave you begging for more… 

The battle between Kate’s heart and body began the moment Jack touched his lips to hers. He had all the right moves: every kiss, every touch, every moment with him, melted her insides, as long forgotten desires began to stir.

​But, her heart, shackled by the betrayal of her past, held her desires and her spirit captive. Kate was a prisoner to her fear of love, lack of trust and fear of rejection.

If the warmth of Jack’s strong, sexy body, his kind soul, and the intoxicating way Kate felt just being near him couldn’t unlock her heart, was there any hope she could love again?

​Believing that Jack’s infinite patience might run dry, Kate desperately struggles to let go of her past and grab hold of the future.